Our Centre & Staff

Our knowledgeable educators apply child development theories of how children learn and provide a range and depth of experiences that challenge children to think according to individualís capabilities and interests. Social skills develop and strengthen as children share a dialogue about their learning and collaborate in work and play with peers and teachers.

Educators are role models for children. What they say and how they talk, encourage and guide a child will influence his/her self-esteem and confidence. Our creative educators are specially trained in child development. They have been selected not only on the basis of professional qualifications but also for their warm, caring and positive personalities. Your child will be under their care and guidance - individuals who are dedicated to children and want to bring out the best in them.

Life for young children is based on relationships. Wherever they spend their time, they need to be cared for by adults who invest emotionally in their well being. We are committed to providing respectful, responsive and reciprocal relationships.

The founder of the Prep Place are Mrs. Wendy L-Goh and Mrs. Geeta Velu. Both have invaluable experience in Child Care Education; and relevant qualifications such as MA (Early Childhood Education), BA (Psychology & Education), Foundation in Early Childhood Care, Advanced Studies in Early Childhood Care & Education, and Certificate in Professional Counseling.

Relationships, the Heart of Quality Care

Parents as Partners

Children thrive when their parents participate in the Centre activities - even if it is for a short time. Their eyes light-up, and tell everyone that it is a different and special moment. Family participation bridges the gap between the Centre and home. If parents see an educator using a familiar song to encourage clean up, they are likely to try the same strategy at home. Sharing pedagogy with parents can enhance children’s learning and development. When there is a connection and similarity between the centre and home, our children feel secure within a circle of belonging.


By working closely with the teachers, parents gain an understanding of how children learn skills through projects and play