Our Curriculum

Gardening is a great activity for building team spirit, developing fitness and encouraging self-esteem. Through hands-on experience, children develop science, math’s and literacy skills .

Young children develop at different rates. As parents, we should have the assurance that the individual abilities and needs of your child are being nurtured and attended to when he/she is in a child development centre. Fulfilling this responsibility forms the cornerstone of the curriculum at THE PREPARATORY PLACE. Our approach to early childhood education is child-centered. This means that our   curriculum can be designed to meet the different needs and developmental requirements of each individual child. The child’s abilities are determined through observation and assessmentt by our professional staff. Stimulating, realistic and challenging goals are set to encourage the child to realize his/her full potential.

Nourishing children’s form of thought with worthwhile and interesting content

The Inquiry Curriculum


In line with our commitment to produce the best in early childhood education and to be innovative and open to change, we have adopted the inquiry curriculum using the project approach.

Project work is one approach we have found to be successful in our classrooms. When responding to children’s strengths, abilities and dispositions, the teachers consider each child’s developmental levels and what skills the child should be learning next.

Then they plan experiences to move the child forward on the learning continuum in the foundation learning areas of physical development; language and literacy; mathematical thinking; scientific thinking; social studies; personal and social development.

We use a variety of approaches to develop your child’s language and literacy skills. We provide daily opportunities for your child to develop concepts and skills in mathematics, science, social studies through meaningful experiences. A variety of art media are available for creative expression and representation of ideas and feelings. Our creative dramatic sessions encourage children’s play to take off in many directions such as fantasy or adult work role in which, pre-school children can imagine, enact and reflect their thoughts and experiences.

The extensive use of the outdoor environment is a central part of our educational philosophy. We have regular scheduled outdoor time, in a space that is safe and appropriate to support children develop their muscular strength, co-ordination and confidence. The Prep Place believes that educational visits are a vital part of the children’s overall development. Many opportunities arise throughout the year. Another feature of our programme is to invite specialist into the centre to share their expertise and skills with the children.